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Shining the Light on Wine Glasses

By Guest Contributor Kirsten Fox, Headmistress, Fox School of Wine
I have to level with you, before I researched wine glass shapes, I thought the whole thing was just a great marketing ploy. After my research… I can say that there is actually logic behind the concept. To check out the subject, I went to the web, Wikipedia, Riedel wine glass company, a five-star hotel and a bunch of wine-geek sites (light research at…

Republican candidates

What Wine is Your Republican Candidate? A Quick Guide

Can’t keep all the Republican candidates straight?
Want an easy way to remember who is who in this crowded field? We thought we would have fun tagging them with wine varietals based on their personality and views so here goes (even though some abstain from alcohol).
Mitt Romney. Definitely an expensive Napa Valley Cabernet. With his well-coiffed hair and those movie star looks, we bet he has great legs too.
Ron Paul. He’s quirky and…