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Wines to Pair with the Best Picture Oscar Nominated Films

You might have already decided what to eat on Oscar night but here’s inspiration for a wine to pair with each of the Best Picture Nominated Films. Go with our wine pairing suggestions or create your own after reading our choices. It’s a fun way to enhance the viewing experience!
The Help
There are over 6800 wineries in the U.S. now and only a handful owned by black winemakers much less female black winemakers. Iris…

Iron Horse Chinese Cuvee Toast copy

2007 Iron Horse Chinese Cuvee Is The Toast of White House for V-Day Luncheon for Chinese VP

While the rest of us, mere mortals, were home or at work with our Valentine’s Day plans, Joy Sterling was in Washington D.C. – more specifically at the State Luncheon to welcome the Chinese Vice President. Thank you Joy Sterling for sharing your ‘insiders’ view of yesterday’s White House gala. We were thinking of you all day!
Here’s highlights from her email to Women & Wine today.
It was a great thrill being at the…

Wine Glasses copy

Shining the Light on Wine Glasses

By Guest Contributor Kirsten Fox, Headmistress, Fox School of Wine
I have to level with you, before I researched wine glass shapes, I thought the whole thing was just a great marketing ploy. After my research… I can say that there is actually logic behind the concept. To check out the subject, I went to the web, Wikipedia, Riedel wine glass company, a five-star hotel and a bunch of wine-geek sites (light research at…

Lasagne picture

Eggplant Lasagne with Rose from Provence – Yummy

I love rose from Provence and drink it year round. It’s not just a ‘summer wine’ in our house and it really makes everything feel festive. I also LOVE lasagne – and eggplant – so when we received this recipe from : Pasquale Pons the Director of Château Les Valentines we couldn’t wait to share it with you! Just as an fyi, rose and tomato sauce goes really well together – just the right balance…

stained glass copy

10 Favorite Songs With Wine Lyrics and Links to the Music Videos

My husband is always bugging me to make a playlist of songs that I love to listen to when I’m drinking/tasting wine. Not so simple, as depending on the time of day, the season, whether it’s with or without food, there’s always a song in my head when I’m drinking wine.
So this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kris Chislett from had done most of the work in creating this compilation of…


NEW! Authentic Winery Recipes on Our Site Yummy Scampi

Here is a simple dish to serve with the 2010 JC Cellars Rockpile Rose of Syrah. We love the simplicity of food and focus on the wine for a quick easy treat. Impress your guests.
Roasted Scampi with Brioche Crumbs
For 6
Prep time 15 minutes
18 Scampi or Large Shrimp
2 slices of Brioche
3 tablespoons of Salted Butter
21/2 tablespoons unsalted Butter
1 Pinch Hot Paprika or Chili Powder: I also like…


Faces in Wine: Sue Straight ‘The Wine Wench’ to Judge at International Women’s Wine Competition in November

Occupation: Director of Sales & Marketing at J. Rickards Winery, freelance wine writer, musician
Description: The Wine Wench® I’m living La Vida Bacchus and lovin’ it.
Residence: Occidental, CA
Number of years that you’ve been working in this field: 29
First job: Windsor Vineyards
How you got to where you are today: Lots of hard work, lots of wine and maintaining a sense of humor
That Ah-Ha Moment: When I was but a young wench,…

deborahcropcloseup copy 2

Faces in Wine: Deborah Brenner Women of the Vine

Name: Deborah Brenner
Occupation: Founder & President 
Description: Women of the Vine is the first collaboration of sustainable family grape growers and women winemakers under one brand.
Residence: New York
Number of years that you’ve been working in this field: 6
First job: I worked for NBC at the Olympics in Seoul, Korea and then got my first full time job at CNBC for the launch of the first cable network channel.
How you got…