Faces in Wine: Monique Soltani Wine & Food Journalist to Judge at IWWC in November

October 6th, 2011

Occupation: Food and Wine Reporter

Description: I am the creator and host of Wine Oh TV and creator and host of the weekly video segments: Wine Wednesdays and Foodie Fridays. I host, shoot, write and edit all of my own work! My Diva days are done! Gotta love the changing economy! Haha!

Residence: San Francisco, CA

Number of years that you’ve been working in this field: I’ve been a reporter since 1999

First job: Mario’s Italian Restaurant when I was 15. My first “real” job in TV was in 1999 working as an anchor/reporter at KPVI-TV the NBC affiliate in Pocatello, ID.

How you got to where you are today: Ability to adapt to change, hard work, determination, dedication and a whole lotta wine drinking!

That Ah-Ha Moment: I’m still waiting for it. I’m hopeful to check this off my list once my dinner with Oprah pans out! (see below )

Last Book Read: I just read “Liquid Memory: Why Wine Matters” and “Crush It” at the same time

Craving For: So many things so little time! Right now, I would do ANYTHING for a 1997 Dalla Valle, Maya, Napa Valley. Strike that! I’m recently engaged so let’s just say I would do anything WITHIN reason for a 1997 Dalla Valle, Maya, Napa Valley!

Who do you get advice from on buying wine? I like to try a wine I have never tasted every time I go out. If I’m at a restaurant I always ask the staff I figure they know their list a heck of a lot better than I do and can introduce me to that undiscovered or not so obvious gem. If I’m ordering BTG (by the glass) and there are no undiscovered gems at the very least they will know which bottle was most recently opened

Things you still want to do: Live in France, create a wine label where the profits go to help disadvantaged kids, start a family, but my overall life goal is to make a positive impact on society and I’m hopeful by: Uncorking people’s minds to the wonderful world of wine I am making my little mark.

Person You Admire Who You Would Most Like to Have Dinner With: Oprah

Website: www.wineoh.tv www.moniquesoltani.com

10 Responses to “Faces in Wine: Monique Soltani Wine & Food Journalist to Judge at IWWC in November”

  1. Love your work, good luck with your dinner with Oprah. Keep drinking that good juice.

  2. Mas Tadesse says:

    Can I come to dinner with you and Oprah? If anybody can pull that off, it’s you Soltani!
    xoxoxo Mas

  3. Kathryn Streem says:

    I am a regular follower of your work. Your recommendations are always great. Keep up the good work! (I am not a big Oprah fan but good luck with that!)

    • WomenWine says:

      Thanks Kathryn. Oprah does seem to be a top choice for a lot of people when it comes to eating dinner with a person that they admire. What if she was dieting when they had their date? Thanks for the compliments – check out our facebook.com/womenwine page too.


    • WomenWine says:

      thanks – I have to blog more – adding it to my list of must do’s!

  4. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read the interview and for your support! I am looking forward to being apart of this amazing event!


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