Faces in Wine: Cheryl Quist Rhone Ranger to Judge International Women’s Wine Competition

October 5th, 2011

Occupation: Executive Director, Rhone Rangers

Description: Responsible for overall direction and activities of this non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of american-grown rhone wines.

Residence: Albion & Palo Alto, CA

Number of Years that You’ve Been Working in this Field: 10

first (wine) job: Executive Director, Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association.

How You Got to Where You are Today: I am passionate about wine and food. After a twenty year career in high tech marketing, and with an MBA under my belt, I was able to apply many of the things I’d learned along the way to the wine industry.

That Ah-Ha Moment: After 9/11, I was about to be laid off from my high tech job. I realized there was no time like the present to dive into the world of wine.

Last book read: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

Craving For: dark chocolate with espresso beans

Who Do You Get Advice From on Buying Wine? I taste it!

Things You Still Want To Do: Travel to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and China

Person You Admire Who You Would Most Like to Have Dinner With: Robert Haas, (former) wine importer.

website: www.rhonerangers.org & www.mendocinofoodandwine.com

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